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Voici un super groupe que j'ai pu admirer ce dimanche à Ninove... SpeedballJR

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$ Un petit mot sur ce blog vachement sympa qui respire le "ol' skool"
Enfin, j'adore!...

Écrit par : Boogy | 17/03/2005

la bonne zik salut va voire le site drunkabilly ( 50foot combo)

Écrit par : satanic surfeur | 18/03/2005

50 ft combo Want some r'n'r? 50 foot combo (yep, from the same hometown of Speedball Jr.) perform saturday the 9th of april @ Petrol with some guests. If you want some old style r'n'r, visit The Seatsniffers at the same event on the 6th of may. They promissed that this gig is going to be something special.


And Speedball Jr. will be playing saturday at S.I.N.S (http://www.scrapers.be). Too bad I can 't make it saturday, but I'll will be there sunday.

Écrit par : Senor B. | 21/03/2005

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